For Singers

Are you a singer? Do you sing in English? Read below to find out how I can help…

Do you like singing in English but find pronunciation isn’t always easy? Do you have a project in mind, an audition, a recording, and would like to improve your pronunciation in English songs?

I’m here to help!

Did you know?

The letter “S” in the word “close” is pronounced differently depending on context:

Close to you (“ss” sound) | Close the door (“z” sound)


Let me introduce myself, I’m Adeline, a singer of French origin who lived in England over 10 years and now resides in Barcelona.

With 20 years’ experience as an English singer (including 13 years in England), I am here to help you. I’m not a singing teacher, I’m an English vocal coach for non natives.

Have a listen to an example of a song where I sing in English:


  • private lessons adapted to your needs
  • help with pronunciation
  • text comprehension
  • original lyrics revision
  • guidance for studio recording
  • possibility of online lessons (Skype)
  • English lyrics translation or creation

1-hour session, multiple session packages available at an attractive price. Contact me for more information.

Did you know ?

Some letters/syllables/words can be omitted to facilitate pronunciation,
and it won’t even change the meaning of the sentence…

But be careful, not any word can be removed!


What will you get from my coaching sessions?

  • you will feel more confident once you understand what you are singing
  • you’ll be able to convey the emotions in a better way
  • you’ll have more credibility in front of an international audience
  • you’ll be ready to launch an international career

Feel free to contact me for an evaluation and any other questions, prices, etc. here: